Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hola a todos!
Have arrived in La Paz in Bolivia. The airport you arrive at is at 4000m altitude, the city itself is about 3700m. So spending a few days just getting used to the altitude - it tires you out very quickly so just chilling today. Coca tea is helping though! They have a complimentary supply available at the hotel which is a lovely restored old building with a cultural centre included.
I went for a wander around the markets today- including the Witches´Market. They have all sorts of weird things available as offerings, the most gross being llama fetuses which are used to bless new construction. I really don´t want to know how they manage to get so many fetuses. Also saw dried frogs, snakes and even an armadillo but not sure I want to know what those are used for either. The locals market is very colourful with all sorts of clothes, shoes, household goods and even toilets for sale on the side of the street.
Hopefully going to do a few days tours around La Paz before I join the group on Sat. We´re then heading down to the south of Bolivia to visit the silver mining area and the massive Salt Lakes that are supposed to be amazing.
Hasta luego.